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Eve Michaels Radio Show Interview

This week we also appeared on the Eve Michaels Radio Show courtesy of Click the image below to see/hear the interview now.

The new wave of feminism: Taming Your Alpha Bitch

Our book was recently reviewed by the blog “For Those About to Shop: Fashion with Purpose.”

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How to Do Less and Achieve More

We were guest bloggers this week on the College, Career, Life blog. Read our post here:

College Career Life

Guest post on Career Women Coaching

Check out our guest post earlier this week on the Career Women Coaching blog.

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Interview on Prosperity Radio with Ryan Harris

Click here to hear Ryan Harris interview Christy on his Prosperity Radio show yesterday.

Why We Wrote It

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Right for You

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Guest Post on Grand Life Daily

Check out this guest post we had today on the Grand Life Daily blog about DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA!

Grand Life Daily

Quick Tip

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Will you be surviving or totally thriving this holiday season?

The Holidays are here and we all know what that means — crowded trips to the shopping malls, endless to do lists, and extra planning for family gatherings. Ughh! Sometimes just thinking about the upcoming season makes us long for mid January when the flurry of activity is behind us!

With so much going on in our lives already, it’s hard to look forward to all of the festivities with the mountains of added stress that accompanies them. It’s no wonder that so many of us find ourselves feeling a bit edgier at this hectic time of year (and dare we say, acting a bit “bitchier!”)

That’s right… the holidays can really bring out the Alpha Bitch in the best of us! We may find ourselves snatching the last “Rockin Elmo” out of an unsuspecting child’s hands, or carelessly barreling through the grocery store aisles frantically looking for a work party appetizer!!! Yep, when our inner Alpha Bitch is out in full swing watch out … she can scare the jolly right out of Santa, and make him think twice about leaving the North Pole!

So what can we do? With so much pressure on our shoulders, how can we avoid unleashing the wrath of the Alpha Bitch this holiday season?

This year, we can make the choice to let go of the forceful, driven, get-r-done method of surviving the holidays (which let’s face it is down right draining and not at all rewarding), and instead step into the ease and grace of our true feminine power.

Shifting into our feminine power means letting go of the belief that only through extreme effort can we get what we want. The truth is that it’s really our energy not our effort that creates our reality. Through a calm, open, and loving energy field we are so much more efficient and effective in attracting all that we want.

By aligning with the magical qualities of the empowered feminine —balance, harmony, abundance, and wellbeing — our lives becomes so much sweeter and infinitely more fulfilling. (And here’s the kicker—we still get every done, we just do it in the grace and flow of our true feminine natures.)

So during the holidays, relax and let go of the insane need to “make things happen”. Instead just allow life to unfold as it will. If you can’t find “Rockin Elmo” then trust that any gift given with love will be appreciated (and really, are your co-workers that invested in the cheese tray or the spinach dip?)

This season don’t let your inner Alpha Bitch run the show and hijack your joy. Put her on notice, and let your Empowered Feminine self bask in the blessings and wonders of the holidays!

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